OSMOSYNT LK : A reliable partner for automotive leather

An essential condition for the car market is that leathers must respect
fogging parameters namely that, in cases of heat, they must not tend to release susbstances which form a thin layer of fogging on the windscreen. A new standard called EN 14288E has been introduced to update old measuring procedures.

As is well known, fogging is due to condensation of volatile matter on the surface of the car windscreen thus reducing visibility for the driver. All industry related printed material clearly shows which substances negatively influence fogging readings more than others.

Concerning this issue we have the main culprits which are fatliquors, followed in decreasing order by emulsifying agents, degreasing agents, ammonium salts. Among stuffing products, sulphited fish oils behave most effectively especially when fogging is assessed using a gravimetric method.

Emissions are made up of volatile organic or moderately volatile substances which are formed due to a rise in temperature within the vehicle cabin. Following the development of these substances, an unpleasant smell ensues.

In order to avoid this drawback and to satisfy the needs of ever more updated and careful customers , Osmo has researched and got set for Osmosynt LK, the ideal partner for those in charge of automotive leather in the tanning field.

Among its exceptional technological features we can find:

complete biodegradability

outstanding chromium salt stability

minimum extractibility

particularly low fogging readings

excellent light fastness

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