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A technical and sales staff constantly by our customers’ side, with a support offering certain added value in terms of concrete results on the finished products.


A laboratory with all the latest equipment with highly qualified staff make Osmo the reference point in the leather sector.


Safety and performance of chemical products and dyestuffs directly from the manufacturer to the consumer with a highly competitive quality/price ratio.

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Chemical products and Dyestuffs

Upholstery, automotive or footwear… whatever your choice may be, with Osmo you’ll have the right tool for any situation. By constantly upgrading our products you’ll have the guarantee of using the best technology to keep abreast of market requests. Work safely with easy to use and versatile solutions with excellent quality/price ratio.

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Research and Article Development

It is becoming ever more complicated and demanding for customers to develop new articles. Osmo is aware of this and for this reason it has turned into a personal laboratory to realise your new projects. You’ll have access to a technical knowledgebase which also includes fashion and trends to create a performing and winning product. So you can continue to look after your business while we work for you!!

Technical Assistance

Unforeseen circumstances and changes are normal for those working with a live material such as leather. From today you have someone new to help you: Osmo. Our team of specialists is ready to step in and assist you in your company to fine-tune and optimise your company.

Our attention to the environment and your health

Environmental issues have been relevant for quite some time, both for producers and consumers. Osmo prefers products with a low impact, developing solution to reduce use of all the most dangerous substances: formaldehyde, heavy metals, curing agents… More safety for your operators and the environment.

Not only wet-side

For all finishing stages, go to HTF. Our leading brand for finishing products and technologies. OSMO + HTF: a winning union! Visit HTF website

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