COSMOWHITE: a leather revolution

Nasce COSMOWHITE™ comes into being: a leather revolution

Osmo is glad to present COSMOWHITE™, an innovative process which enables extraordinarily ecological leathers. Use of COSMOWHITE™ aids the natural process of biodegradation at the end of the cycle of leather product service. Leathers tanned with COSMOWHITE™ are tested and certified as more than 90% biodegradable and do not release phytotoxic and chemical-toxic substances so they are in harmony with eco-toxicological criteria to safeguard health and the environment as per REACH regulations.

Leather, which comes into being from nature can then return to nature thanks to Cosmowhite. Overwhelming sustainability, overwhelming respect for the environment and consumer.

Access the COSMOWHITE™ PROJECT and establish a new way of making leather .