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The leather revolution

Project Description

COSMOWHITE™ the leather revolution

COSMOWHITE™ comes into being, the innovative process that enables you to achieve a completely heavy metal-free leather with a negligible amount of formaldehyde that is well below the limits currently required by any supply specifications.

Biodegradable and compostable leathers

COSMOWHITE™ technology aids a natural process of biodegradation at the end of a cycle of leather product use.
Leathers tanned with COSMOWHITE™ are tested and certified as over 90% biodegradable.

Competitive and cost-effective advantages

By choosing COSMOWHITE™ it means that you can offer your customers a biodegradable leather that is metal, phytotoxic and chemical-toxic substance free completely blending into the environment and with the ecosystem.


Sustainability. The buzzword for the new millenium.

Economic sustainability, resource sustainability, production process and finished product sustainability. Decidedly strict laws regarding environmental impact, heightened ecological awareness and customer demands, push leather item producers more and more towards using eco-sustainable leathers that are non-toxic, anallergic and metal-free.

The quest for really sustainable processes that can anyhow keep leather quality high embodies an epoch-making challenge for the tanning field. However, it also embodies a great opportunity for development in an ever more global market.

Unique leathers evolve from innovation

Leathers tanned with COSMOWHITE™ are not only biodegradable, metal-free and non-toxic. They exhibit extremely high quality, greater tear resistance compared with traditionally tanned leathers, exceptional handle, avant-garde technical performance and great versatility.


For further information please download our COSMOWHITE™ project pdf brochure. Discover the new way of tanning leather.
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